June 26th, 2003


the dig

So, I've realized that I *really* need to clean my desk.

Unfortunately for macklinr, he happened to IM me at about the time I was getting to the interesting stuff. So, I decided to inform him of the various treasures I was unearthing under all the paper. Some excerpts:

I've found 6 CDs of Office XP (I keep making new ones because I can't find my older ones) buried at various levels of paperwork.
two NICs and one PCI video card...
7 floppies, 6 pens, 4 of those CD blanks you get with the spindles, at least 60 screws of various sizes, a keyboard, 2 SIMMS of ram, and a caribiner.
6 twist-ties (various colours and lengths), 2 audio patch-cables (from CDrom to Motherboard), 1 mini ziplock baggie (the type they put 6 screws in when you buy a new CDburner), 1 bread-bag tie (the plastic thing you put around a twisted bag)


So I'm sitting here watching the new adult Ren and Stimpy they are showing.

Damn it's gross.

In other news, I did an excellent job of shaving tonight. nice and smoothe. It feels good.

Oh, and before I forget, Ox: I had to go in your room to connect the cable to the living room switch. It's all good now. Just thought you'd like to know I went in there.