June 18th, 2003



this can't possibly be happening..

I mean, I've had allergies before, and it was never all this.. Plus, who the hell gets a cold in the summer?

sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head.. yup. gah..

I feel like such a looser, I can't even get sick at the proper time of the year.


trying to find a specific message that was sent to me yesterday at noon on another computer (using webmail).

I'm having to go back 50 messages in my inbox before I see it.

I shouldn't have to go that far back! it was only sent 23 hours ago!!!

primus questions

nothing tough, just curious about the opinion of some of the other Primus fans reading this.

What songs would you include on a Primus "best-of" compilation? I mean, they have so many great songs, trying to get it down to 15 or 20 (or however many would fit on a CD) is being tough.


name-that-tune style!

as usual, google spoils the fun, but there's really no way I can stop you. All of these come from TMBG songs.

1) I don't want the world
2) Fell in the door
3) As I walk, I think about a new way to walk
4) Baby, check this out
5) I lay out in the sun too long

Collapse )
some easy, some a little harder. They're all rather distinctive, though, so it shouldn't be *too* rough.