June 17th, 2003



I'm suprised this place didn't burn down yesterday.

Not only did I call in sick, but my boss/co-worker did also.

so very, very true..

Just got done reading Tycho's travel update on what it's like in Munich.

Nice to know the place hasn't changed one bit. The Beer still comes in one size (enormous), the Pretzels still have their own gravitational pull, and they still have random holidays and festivals for reasons noone quite understands. :)

damn I miss that place. I'm thinking I may put off buying toys and just go spend a month there to celebrate ridding myself of debt (whenever that finally happens).


tea o' the day: half Oolong and half Pu-Erh

yummy stuff.. It has the characteristic Pu-Erh body and aroma, but with the oolong smootheness and tone.


yesterday I called in sick, when I was actually fairly healthy..

Thus, today when I actualy came in to work, I'm feeling unwell. damn nose won't stop, plus the sore throat isn't any fun.

I'm sure it's just allergies, but that doesn't make it any less annoying.