June 9th, 2003


I am *so* beyond the OS wars -- sortof.

So, I had an eventful weekend. Rather than making one large post, however, I'm going to split it up into many small ones (because, well, I honestly don't have the time for a big post).

So, one part that bugged me was a new person I met. I don't like him. Plain and simple. I realize that the reasons why I don't like him are all issues that I have had with myself at some point (some I still do), and honestly speaking I'm shocked that some of you ever stuck with me through my more *ahem* memorable moments.

One thing about him that I feel just plain silly was he eagerness to jump into an OS war with me. I mean, yes, I used to do that also -- in high school. This is no longer high school, we are all adults here, and I would expect us to all be capable of accepting that each modern OS has its strengths and its flaws. Yes, for as much as I bitch about the Win familly, I still actually recommend it in certian situations as being the best option (and much though I love Linux, I'm constantly saying how it's not ready for "prime time" and it's not for everyone).

But anyways, it came out in conversation that I run Linux, and he was all "really" and I responded affirmative, at which point he *launched* into a speech about how horrible Linux is compared to his OS of choice (Solaris). It didn't last long, because I didn't comment at all. His eagerness to try and push the topic, though, was just amazing.

I'm sorry, everyone, for having been that bad. Moreover, I realize there are probably plenty of times when I do this same thing on other topics. I'd appreciate it if you could slap me or something to wake me up when I start it in the future. It's ugly to see in others, and even worse to know that I do it myself.

another thing..

Well, this isn't so much a weekend thang, as it is a this morning thang.

So, one thing about Sacramento weather that sucks (yeah, I know all the locals who read this are saying "*ONE* thing?? how about a million!?", but forging onwards...) is the very dynamic temperature range.

Take today, for example. It's a fairly normal day, temperature-wise, so you can presume that what I'm bitching about here is fairly standard for this season. Today I woke up, checked the forecast for later today so I could pack appropriate clothing for working and also wear comfortable clothing to ride home in, and got on my bike and proceeded to bitch and curse all the way in to work.

The reason for this is that, while on my way home today it will be in the mid 80s (F) and riding in anything other than shorts and a t-shirt will be akin to ritual suicide, on the way to work it was the low 50s. Combine that with the fact that I'm still a little tired and riding my bike, and you can guess it felt DAMN COLD! Plus, the wind was against me (of course). I verified it wasn't just my biking-generated wind, but the morning wind was actually against me to the tune of about 5mph or so. Thus I had the joys of wearing a thin t-shirt and shorts in 50 degree weather with the equivalent of a 15mph wind chill directed straight at my face!


So, either I dress for the morning ride and be burning hot on the way home or I dress for the ride home and I'm freezing my tuchas off in the morning. That, my friends, is the definition of "ya can't win".