June 3rd, 2003


I <3 the linux community

So, this ftp program I use in Windows (Filezilla -- it's the best I've seen) will randomly send various commands to keep the connection alive. One of them is "TYPE A". Simple enough, send a pointless command.

So, here I am looking through the suse ftp directories trying to decide what to transferr when I see Filezilla send that command, and the server's responce: "You don't want an ASCII transfer". heheheh..

These are also the same people who put "Have a lot of fun." at the end of almost every document, and as part of the login script.

mmm.. yummy tea

Mango Ceylon with Vanilla this morning.

And, I'm looking over my first order on SpecialtyTeas, making sure everything's there..

>click< and there it goes.


It's a great feeling, when you get back to your office and you pick up the phone to notice you have voicemail and when you go to check it, you delete all 5 of them because you just got done finishing them all.

Heh.. doing the jobs before I even know I have them to do. :)

(on a freudian side-note, bad typing can be funny -- the "busy" in the subject line accidentally got a 't' inserted before the 'y' ('cause, like, they're right next to eachother and I kinda missed))


from april 17th thru now, I've received 990 messages in my primary email account.

damn. It sure doesn't see like all that much when you say, "oh, yeah, 'bout 21 emails a day".. but over a month and a half, that sure adds up!