May 30th, 2003



Yeah, I did the LJMatch thing. I'll not bother posting the results, 'cause so few people on my friends list did it. If you did it and want to know what percentage we got, just go back to the site and check it out.

holy crap!

so, I'm not entirely sure what CD database this player on my system (xmms) is referancing, but it just scared the crap out of my with it's extensiveness.

I just placed a CD in the drive that I absolutely love to listen to. I'm used to the other players not being able to find an entry for it, so I let it go through the motions of querying the database, fully expecting it to return a "not found" type of error (which, honestly it hasn't done yet so I was curious what it'd look like) when lo and behold, it fills the playlist with the track titles!

Now, what makes me so suprised is that this CD is published by a little quintet that performs classical music on the streets in downtown Munich. It's a live recording of one of their performances, complete with the spokesman introducing the next piece in german, the crowd noise as people pass by and drop coins in their open cases in the background, the one part where some random guy starts singing his own melody between pieces, and then the players start playing along with him! It's a great CD which I cherish tremendously, but it never showed up as listed in some online CD database.

Untill now. Damn, I'm starting to look at my Noise CDs wondering how many of them will be listed!

It's time, once again, for. . .


I post disembodyed lyrics, you try to recall them from memory. . . or from google, whatever works (though it's kinda cheating).

1) Blame God, how can you loose /// Singing such sweet rhythm and blues /// Strange days, she said to me /// Being in love don't mean you're free.
2) A woman came up to me and said /// "I'd like to poison your mind /// with wrong ideas that appeal to you /// though I am not unkind."
3) I feel fine and I feel good /// I'm feeling like I never should /// Whenever I get this way /// I just don't know what to say
4) I never meant to hurt you /// I never meant to lie /// So this is good by /// This is goodbye
5) Another decade gone terribly wrong /// effectively affecting generations to come /// we only buy into what we can sell /// And we only want to protect you from yourself.

(The /// bit means it's a new line in the song)
Some easy, some hard. I know that for each one of them there should be at least one person on my friends list who recognises it.

the songs

Well, I'm guessing the two that were unguessed will remain that way. Here they are:

1) A Soft Seduction by David Byrne
2) Whistling in the Dark by They Might Be Giants
3) Bizzare Love Triangle by New Order
4) Porcelain by Moby
5) ©ontrol by MDFMK

I expected (1) would be difficult, not many people groove on David Byrne's solo stuff, but I figured there were enough hacker punks reading this that they'd get the MDFMK one.

Oh well.