May 29th, 2003


what's worse?

that I'm being a lemming and trying out that LJMatch thang (trying, because their server is severly overwhelmed and impossible to connect to), or that I've filled in almost *no* true information on the first page (birthdate, zipcode, name -- all false) that is at all personal.

I may be a lemming, but that doesn't mean I'm going to hand over my data just because someone asks. :)

a moment of my life

<backgroud-music>"Here's to the man, who holsters the gun. For it has taken, his only son"</background-music>

The phone rings, causing me to look up from my "research" (so *that* is what he's saying in the song). I reach up, hands slightly damp from the oppressive heat in my office (I have *GOT* to get some airflow in here), grasp the handset and slightly fumble it on the way to my head. Suddenly, I realize that I must have rolled a critical fumble on my "answer the damn phone" skill check as the speaker end of the handset collides soundly with my cheekbone.

feh. Now I'm going to have this bruise on my face because I can't manage to answer the phone properly.

(extra points to anyone who can name the song I was listening to)