May 23rd, 2003

sp in river


I just got my ass handed to me on a plate in another civ game against 20 AIs.. In my defence, it was a small world, so on my continent there were about 6 other civs besides myself. About one capital every 10 spaces. Perhaps I should check the server options and see if there's any way I can make them all not gang up on me. :)

In other news, I just got back from playing with a G3 Powerbook (one of the old ones, before they were called Ibooks) that's haveing network difficulties. Turns out the DHCP driver is picky and doesn't like our campus server. Works fine with my router/hub I use for testing these things, but can't get shite from the campus server. BootP works just dandy, though, so she'll be using that till it craps out. fun.

Yesterday's after work adventures were entertaining. I tried to catch Macklinr at the LR station, but missed him. I then proceeded to ride downtown to hit the GameKeeper and see if they had any L5R I was looking for. Some looser had just came in earlier that day and bought all the stuff they had, though, as it was on sale. Drat. So, after a bit of idle chatter, I head out to Great Escape Games (I think that's the name) over at Howe&Arden. A nice little ride, nothing overly exauhsting. I pick up my new deck (sorry, Ox, they were out of Crane), two copies actually, and then head on home to play with cards and do more tweaking (averaging 30 force by turn 7 now). This deck still needs some improvement in certain areas, but I'm not sure if they will impact gameplay much, so we'll see.

This morning, I'm just so amazingly tired! I just don't get it. Previously this week, I've actually been doing fairly well in the mornings for energy, since the ride in gets my heart going and awareness up. This morning I just can't get into the day. feh. At least I have my old fogey music (Dave Matthews Band at the moment, about to switch it to . . . well, *did* switch it to Faith No More) to keep my somewhat awake. *YWAN*..

Ah yes, the joys of a helpdesk morning when there is NOONE around to call it up. Last day of finals, first day of graduations, Friday before a 3-day weekend -- most the faculty/staff have taken today off to make it a 4-day weekend, and the ones who are still here have better things to do than worry about if their computer doesn't turn on. Yeah, today will be slow. This will be a nice change from the previous two weeks.

At least I'm trying to start having better typing practices. I've noticed my wrists are hurting more often, so now I'm forcing myself to keep my wrists floating above the keyboard rather than resting them on the wristpad. we'll see how it goes.