May 19th, 2003

sp in river


so, Sunday I went wandering around town with ox_number_10 and tobin for a bit. We hit various places, and I managed to make myself look (and, to a certain degree, feel) "really old".

First was the music run at Dimple. I picked up some used CDs. Devo, Dave Matthews Band, Tom Petty, and Garbage. At which point Tobin started with the relentless comments about various other "old people" artists I might be interested in. I tried claiming that Garbage isn't old music, but Ox and Tobin wouldn't hear it.

So, we went on in our wandering over to the Virgin store, wherein Ox and I inquired about the possibility they might have the atari joystick-game-system that's available now, as I'm curious in it (and, upon further reading, I find I *really* want one!). Problem is, that place is staffed by 18 yr olds. So there we were, desperately trying to describe this thing to her by using referances to the original Atari 2600 when it dawned on me, and I told Ox, "She's too young". We eventually get to the right part of the store by asking her to show us where the video game consoles would be, and we find the activision version of what we're looking for. The sales girl at this point realizes what we were trying to describe and says (referring to the atari) "Oh! Isn't that, like, really old?"

Yes. Yes it is. Thank you.

"Really old".