May 6th, 2003


L5R geekiness

So, right as I was falling asleep last night I had a flash of inspiration about the L5R game we played.

We messed up. Tobin shouldn't have been able to start that last duel, since I had Gaheris in the battle and Gaheris stops opposing players from playing any action that doesn't remove him from the battle. D'oh!

Yes, I realize Gaheris is twink-esque, and as soon as I have the funds I'll make my deck pure diamond legal, but till then I don't have the cards to pull off a decent gold-legal deck.


So, I'm looking on Fandango right now for showtimes for Matrix2.

The 14th at 10PM.. hrmm.. Wednesday night flick.. hrmmm.. I may not even have to skip work Thursday to do this one. :)

I wonder if I should call the theatre to confirm this is a legit showtime.