May 2nd, 2003


be afraid.

Be very afraid.

I don't think any particular upgrade experiance has scared me quite as much as this switch is doing so.

First, last night I was able to resize partitions while actively using them.

Now, this morning, I upgraded my GUI files (now running KDE3.1, yay!) from within the GUI itself. And when the files were done being installed I was able to use them without any reboot or anything. Granted, some of the graphics onscreen didn't get updated untill I closed that window and re-opened it, so I had a situation where some buttons were the old graphics and some were the new ones. After about a minute or two of that I decided to save what little remaining sanity I have (I still have *some* damnit!) and rebooted just to get all the graphics and windows working the same.

note: I *chose* to reboot, the system was perfectly fine without my doing so. One minute I clicked the "start" (not technically called that, but it serves the same purpose) menu and it was the old graphics, next minute it's been changed and the new ones are in place.

This frightens me.

I love it, but it scares me deeply.