April 28th, 2003



So, I just wasted 2 hours of my life waiting for ghost to make an image of my HDD (for backup purposes because I'm about to switch from XP to SuSE). The reason it was a waste, was that after 2 hours (and 10 minutes), and with only about 800MB left to go (out of 27GB), my destination drive hit full, and ghost had to quit.


More housecleaning and DVD burning, then to try again.

and now...

because I realize a lot of you don't give a rat's ass about my more techie experiances (ie: my previous post):

This weekend was so-so. I saw two movies, _So I Married An Axe Murderer_ (not too bad, typical Mike Meyers humor, but it's nice enough) and _John Q_ (nicely done, a little preachy at times, but still enjoyable). I baked up a cinnamon crumb cake, with some sour cream added to the mix, that was mucho yummy. I slept in massive quantities between Saturday and Sunday (12 hours! YAY!). I missed out on the grand celebration for Tobin (sorry, man, got caught up at work). I worked too much. Some sort of minor illness found a home in my abdominal area (very minor, but noticeable). And now here I sit, waiting for a powerbook to get ready to burn a DVD so I can go to lunch while it burns the data (for archiving and testing).