April 18th, 2003

sp in river

here I sit...

helpline is fun, yes.

I recorded a streaming mix-set yesterday, had the volume all fscked up, though, so I'm re-recording it right now -- at more reasonable levels so it won't be as distorted. Why can't they just make the "save as" option an option rather than making us have to go through so much just to get some tunes to listen to later on. They don't charge for this, they don't display adds while you listen to it, they don't limit who can or cannot listen to it, yet they have "save as" turned off.


In other news, the lemon bars don't travel well. They got kinda smashed on the way here. :( They're a little underdone, as well, but that's not *too* bad.

I went to the dentist this morning. My front tooth is still a little numb. Eating lunch should be fun. Damn insurance has a relatively low cap on the yearly coverage. They won't pay any more than 2000 each year in total, so I'm pretty much stuck paying 100% of any further dental costs this year because I used up most of my yearly coverage back in Jan when I had my wisdom teeth pulled (that was EXPENSIVE). So I'm a little poorer now after this morning's vsit, but I think I'll be able to survive the month . . . somehow.

Happy happy happy, joy joy joy.

Ah the mundanity.