April 17th, 2003




Ox: your stuff is ordered. I have the drivers on my USB drive, so we can try them out when I get home.

I still haven't thought about the movie this friday.. I may, or I may not. I have to stop by Hoppy on the way home and have a beer or two, the chess tournament is this saturday..

I had yummy bagels today.. Jennifer stoped by Noah's on the way in and picked up some, so I had nummy Noah's bagels.. that and an icky grilled veggie burrito I picked up from the CoOp last night. icky.

I'm so damn tired. I also spent about 30 or 45 minutes fighting with the damn vmware before I found out that SuSE 8.1 is an unsupported host system. 8.0 is supported, 8.1 is not. go fig. :(

oh well, at least I have good tunes.. I've also found out that Jennifer has never seen Zim, so I'm going to burn off the first 5 or so episodes and go show them to her.

and, of course, much working.. feh.


According to Fandango (rawr), Bulletproof Monk is playing tomorrow at the Ethan Century at 7:50 or 10:15.
Regal is 7:30 or 10:20.

And that's about it.

So, I'm not too sure if the 7ish shows leave enough time for a group dinner beforehand, but individual dinners might be do-able and we can all just sorta meet at the theatre of choice. Or we could do dinner as a bunch and just hit the 10ish shows.

Whoall's thinking of going and what's the desired plan? I'm looking at doing it, and Jennifer's interested in going as well. Tobin, you still thinking of it? What about you Ox?

just 'cause I'm bored.

yes, I'm going home now. I just thought I'd leave you with this thought.

file: InBox.box (where my mail program stores my email/filters/addressbook/etc..)
size: 243,955,712 bytes.