April 9th, 2003


I'm tired

I stayed out till past 9 last night. I had fun, but getting home later than normal led to my falling asleep later than normal, and as such I'm tired.

*Very* tired.

So, after having had an Amp energy drink, I'm now sipping on a Soy White Mocha and avidly avoiding work while I listen to techno tunes and rummaging through old backups.

I have roughly 20 CDs of various ages all with similar labels: "Backup", "Random Dump", "Another Random Dump" (yes, that's what is written on it), "Incremental", "Desktop Backup" (at least I said which folder it was!), and various others..

It's like one big archeological dig through the bits and pieces of my recent electronic life. Kinda interesting what's in there.