April 4th, 2003


oh... my... goodness...

I feel dirty. It's like I need to scrub thoroughly to try and remove the filth from my skin.


Just for kicks I thought I'd go cruising through a personals site, searching on females in Sacramento.
This was a *BIG* mistake.

The pictures were some of the worst quality I've seen in a long time. Bad poses and horrid lighting were the norm, enough so that the person in the picture had no hope of looking at all attractive. I realize I'm likely a little sensitive to that stuff, being that I'm practicing photography, but even all that aside these were still bad pictures.
That's not the worst of it, though. Those descriptions were unspeakably bad! This is going beyond bad grammar and poor spelling. The letters these people typed up to describe themselves have gone so far below bad quality I could feel my intellect seeping out through my eyes with every word I attempted to read. I can't belive these people are attempting to use this medium to attract a mate, and yet they don't bother to use any of the tools at their disposal to make themselves appear at least moderately desirable (as in, spellchecker).

I think I can now have an appreciation for how Mahdi feels reading my posts. :)