April 3rd, 2003

sp by streetlamp


... it's what sneaks up on you when you're not looking and suprises you when you turn around.

Notable events of this week (so far)....

-) 2 of 5 Hard Drives on our server crash.
-) Went playing pool last Friday with some folks from work after the server crashed (we needed the beer and relaxation).
-) *0* pictures have been taken (I hope to change this today right after I finish this entry), mostly because the server crash has forced me to work a lot.
-) Got my first crown put on one of my molars.
-) had lunch with one of the co-workers from the pool night.
-) did another music downloading binge. Got tons of classical this time.
-) got had a cutie flirting with me on the Light Rail on the way home one night.
-) got paid (tends to make some other things easier)
-) reinstated my Mensa membership (don't ask why, just felt I should).
-) will be going with aforementioned co-worker to a juggling thing she does tomorrow night.