March 31st, 2003


I like to ride my bicycle!

Today I had a good ride.. I'm a little tired and sore now, as a result, but it was still very good.

roughly 36 miles. damn, it was rough on my poor out-of-shape body. But damn it felt good doing it (and still does feel good afterwards). Folsom lake is looking a little low right now. Must've been a dry season.

On the down-side, I didn't take *ANY* pictures. I was too caught up in the joy and peace of the moment to stop and get out the camera. Particularly when I leaned against that tree. Ah yes, that one tree that stands atop it's hill, right after the Nimbus Dam, you can see it from the trail, standing tall and proud up there, with the nearest other tree at least 10 feet away and 7 feet down -- and only two of them at that. A small dirt path heads up the hill, off to the side there on the left, and if you choose your steps carefully enough you can avoid the loose rocks and push your bike all the way up to the top. Don't stop, and definately don't look behind you, but you can glance to the side between heavy breaths as you stagger up the hill. If you do that, you'll see breathtaking green tree-covered hills right off to your side there, on the other side you'll see Nimbus lake, with the occasional rowboat or canoe slowly being piloted about. Once you get to the top, though, that's where the real payoff is. You stand there, alone in the world, listening to the birds chirping and the occasional gust of wind rustling the foxtails (they're quite prolific up there) about your feet. The path goes off to the left, but you've come to sit down at that tree right over there to the right. It's low knarled branches filled with leaves, producing more than enough shade to comfort you from the hot sun overhead. The strong, straight trunk just calling out to you, and when you answer it and go to lean against it, then it hits you. The view is unlike any other you've seen from the city. Nimbus lake is off to your right and slightly behind you, the river winds off to the right and ahead of you, quickly lost in the forest of trees that is the Sacramento area, particularly near the river. These trees continue out into the distance, with occasional rooftops peaking out, untill the farmlands take over. Then, behind the farmlands, you see the foothills as the land starts it's climb up the hights to the snow-peaked mountains *WAY* off there in the distance. The gusts of wind blowing your hair, the birds singing their songs of spring, and you stand there leaning against the lone tree atop this hill. Everything spread out before you, and you just breathe and take it all in.

Ah yes, I *LOVE* going on bike rides. :)