March 11th, 2003



don't ya just hate when you're not ready to do something, but you want to anyways?

Like jumping off the cliff before you've put on the parachute?

feeling twelve units shy of a bachelor's degree
</mood-music> (anyone know the song it's from?)

grrr... waiting can be so annoying sometimes.. I really need to work on that. my impatience will be the death of me someday, I just know it.

And, what with the joy that is modern dentistry, I will have to wait another month before being out of debt. Add to that my mom's financial issues I had to cover a bit back, which put me another month behind schedule, and I'm beginning to feel like I'll never get out from under this weight. Every month there's something new to set me back behind schedule.

At least I'm paying all the bills roughly a month in advance. That much is a nice feeling. Wouldn't be had my tax return (reminder to Ox#10: check where yours is) not came the same month my mom's finances blew up, but like I say: timing is everything!

I suppose it's also a good thing that I'm not adding anything new to the cards.

being poor sucks ass. Being paid (roughly) 5 times what you've ever made in your life anywhere else and still being forced to live a poor lifestyle because of huge debt sucks the ass of being poor!