February 28th, 2003


busy me

<bitching type="pointless" quality="whiney">
Well, after running around all week in a manner similar to the proverbial crainially-deprived chicken, I've decided to try and start using a calendaring program (outlook, to be exact, as the college has told me we *will* be using it soon) to schedule jobs.

I may not continue this practice as it is too damn depressing.

Over the past 3 hours of talking with people and fielding calls, I now am booked (as in back-to-back shite) through next Wednesday afternoon. feh. This doesn't count the stuff I have on my to-do list from the past 2 weeks that I haven't gotten to yet. :(

addendum: That's not including lunch. I accidentally forgot to schedule that as a recurring event, so it looks like Mon and Tue I get to eat while at someone's computer. joy.