February 18th, 2003


wow, I feel dumb

Here I am, always bitching about our government's inability to balance the budget, and this morning when I log into Vesdrania (fear not, it opens in a new window), I find that I'm in the red by roughly 30M!! It may not sound like much, but when your total budget is 70M, it's a *HUGE* defecit!

Damn, I feel like such an idiot.

I must admit, I think I'm hooked to this game.

caffeine and me

Yeah, so, like, Isn't Turkish Coffee supposed to be *THE* most caffienated of all the coffees? I mean, you mention Turkish Coffee around people who've had (or heard about) it and they take a step back saying it's too much for them, clutching their quad-shot espresso for saftey. I offer it to people in the little demitass it is traditionally served in, and sometimes they ask things like "just don't fill it all the way, only about half should do me"..

Yet, for some reason, it puts me to sleep. This is not a particularly new thing for me, caffeine has allways had an odd effect on me, it's just something I have yet to wrap my head around. For example: I had three (I think it was three, that or four, something like that) demitass of it Saturday evening while watching "da six" do their RPG thang, and I was promptly knocked out cold within, what was it, an hour? Two hours at the most. I struggled to keep myself awake for what seemed like an eternity, slipping between half-awake and fully gone so often I had no clear idea of what was reality anymore (sorry if I said anything more odd than usual then). Finally I just gave up and fell asleep (sorry for the snoring). All in all, not my finest hour.

Last night also, I had a demitass after dinner, and within 30 minutes I was barely able to keep my eyes open. I rushed myself to take a shower (I'm taking them in the evenings now, to avoid mornign shower wars) and stumble my way into bed before my legs gave out on me.

I just don't understand it. One theory is that I've had SO MUCH caffeine during my life that my whole system is just shot to hell and back and now it has the reverse effect on me. This does have some credibility to it, as back in my JC days, there were a few months during which I was on a severe Turkish Coffee kick and I took a thermos to school with me every day, and I'd drink half of it myself (giving the other half away to various interested parties). I wasn't wired those days, though, just calmly going about my day.

Oh well.. On the plus side, I get to seriously enjoy the flavor and styles of various caffienated beverages without the hassle of not being able to sleep later that night. :) One big disadvantage, though, is the total uselesness of these cafienated candies I got from ThinkGeek. Yeah, they're nice little mints, but they do almost nothing for keeping me awake. :(

I must have it!

Okay, I just found the crowning reason to get a PocketPC. Some company has put together a C64 emulator that runs on PocketPC devices. I mean, think of it, I can relive all those great games from yesteryear while riding the bus!