February 13th, 2003


more pointless bitching

Oh man, I don't think I could have found a crappier answering machine if I'd actually gone out and comparison-shopped at 20 different stores!

So, I get home and see the light blinking on the machine. I'm thinking "yay! a message!" and I notice that it's blinking oddly. After a little observation I realize that this machine actually does blink in groups, with the number of blinks per group being the number of messages. So, I'm a little happy to know that this isn't a total piece of crap when I hit the play button. It's a telemarketer. Ugh, worse yet it's one of those automated machine telemarketers that just plays a nice long message at you. So, I'm knowing that it's just going to babble on until it runs out of message space and I go to hit the "skip" button, which is when it dawns on me:

There is no "skip" button.

That's right, no "skip" button. No "Fast Forward" or "Reverse" buttons, either. I read through the entire operating instructions, I turn the unit over hunting for the hidden controls. All to no avail. As far as message playback is concerned, you can play them all in a row starting at the begenning, or you can stop playback and save them for later listening.

Here I am, thinking, "This is a *DIGITAL* machine! Shouldn't it be able to skip messages!??!" while I'm forced to sit there and listen to this disgustingly boring, uninteresting, and LOOOOONG telemarketer message. I can't just turn down the volume and walk out of the room, since there was a second message waiting to be heard. I couldn't turn down the volume and wait for the "end of message" beep, since it's about the same level of volume and if I can't hear the message I wouldn't be able to hear the beep, either. I'm stuck there, a captive to this worst-ansering-machine-ever, listening to an automated telemarketer machine babble on and on about how great this deal is that they are offering to me.

gah. I'm really starting to have a nice, healthy, hatred for this answering machine.

debt sucks

grr.. My tax return is supposed to be direct deposited to my account tomorrow, but it doesn't matter much because I have to put it all towards credit card bills. This sucks.

This pointless whine brought to you by my dumb ass looking through websites and thinking about building a PVR. Why do I torture myself so?

damn it's late..

never expected this computer would take *THIS* long to get going!

oh well, time to head home and go to sleep.. I have an early day ahead of me tomorrow. :)