February 11th, 2003



I may be comming down with something. I again had trouble sleeping last night. This time I woke up early morning with a stuffed runny nose that needed blowing. I then fell back to sleep till 6, at which point I woke up still tired and groggy..

All this, and I had "Regret" by New Order stuck in my head all morning. If that's not a sign of illness, I don't know what is.



Simply stunning. One of the most hopefull/depressing movies I've ever seen. Probably THE most, but I'm still mulling it over.

Truly a magical work of art. I must get it.


This is just the thing I've needed all these years!

In short: you sign up with them, and they provide you with free forwarding emails. Each time a website you want to sign up for wants an email, you just create another free random one with SneakEmail and you give that one to that company! All email that goes to that random email gets forwarded to the address of your choice, and that way if you ever get spam, you can track down exactly which company sold out your address. What's more, you can kill those random addresses at will if they ever start getting too much spam. They also allow spam filters and the ability to make your own spam filters. I'm trying it out for right now, but I'm thinking I may wind up sending some money their way to help keep the site running.