February 10th, 2003


CD reviews.

Saturday, while I was out wandering around, I picked up two CDs at The Beat. I got them used, though still I feel bad (in a way) for buying them.

Oh well, that's beside the point. Actually, I rather enjoy them. One is the Plastic Compilation Volume 02. Noteable for such great hits as the full-length Norman Cook mix of "Brimful of Asha" by Cornershop, and the freestylers revenge mix of "B-Boy Stance" by Freestylers (featuring Tenor Fly). Good songs, both of these.
The other CD is Aural & Hearty by Mocean Worker. It's a nice set of tunes suitable for tapping your foot and boppin yer head. Particular favorites off this one are the ever memorable "Hey Baby" and "Waiting for Verdeaux", though all the songs on the album are enjoyable.

happy happy......joy joy!

So, I got an email from UPS saying that my shipment should be on my doorstep on the 13th. If this is so, I do belive I'll be having some nice traditional Turkish Coffee Friday morning. It's been so long since I've had the proper grinds and spices, it will be nice to get back to basics. In a way, you sometimes have to disregard the experiance you have gained to understand why you persued it in the first place.

Ah yes, sleep this weekend will most certainly be optional. :)

can't sleep... must.... update..... journal....

damn I'm tired today.. I feel like I didn't sleep at all last night.

So, on Saturday Macklinr came over and we played a little Intimate Diplomacy. It was fun. Damn close at one point, too. I started out the game with some good bids, and managed to set myself up for some good growth in 01 and 02. My screwing up the orders in S02 caused me to not grow quite as nicely as I had planned, but I still managed to outpace Macklinr. In the end, he conceded the game when I got my 18th center in S05 and was poised to gain numbers 19 and 20 in F05, with 21 in S06.

It was nice to look at Europe like that again. To try and coordinate the movements of the troops for the best result. The bidding also ads an interesting aspect to the game that's fun to toy with every now and then.

I do so want to play a full game sometime soon, though. Problem is I don't know 6 other people who I can play with. grrr...

nice bald spot, jerk.

damn, going through the pictures from friday, I'm seeing that the one opportunity I had to get good pictures of her indoors was ruined by the crowd getting up and leaving before she had walked past us. grrrr...

I did, however, get one decent shot of her accepting the paper and shaking hands, and I think I might have gotten a decent panoramic of the entire stage. Will spend some hours this week and see if they come out as well as I'm hoping they will...

Still, though, that string of 5 pictures in a row where all I see are backs of heads and sides of faces is damn annoying.


Well, Tobin (and others) I'm pretty sure Ox#10 will not be home tonight (he's off elsewhere) so if you wanna come over and play a game, it'll just be the two of us. L5R would be nice, but is not necessary. I also am available for going to someone else's place. I have an answering machine now (grumble) so if you call you can leave a message and I'll check it when I get home to see if I should head out.

well, *that* was an hour well spent.

hacking away at a computer trying to figure out why it's not working (the one task it needs to do is access a particular website, which it wasn't doing). All sudden-like I get the bright idea, "hey, let's try this site from a different computer"..

Turns out the damn site's been down all day! There wasn't anything wrong with the computer on our end. gah!

I felt both releived (I spent a month getting this computer configured right) that it wasn't a problem on our end and idiotic that I didn't check the site from somewhere else first.