February 9th, 2003


another bout of my pointless bitching

I am very upset. People have become so damned accepting of technology being intrusive and reducing the quality of life that those few of us who have not accepted these as inherent qualities of technological tools are still forced nonetheless to suffer the intrusions.

This recent line of thought was brought forth by my new answering machine. It sucks. It is the least useful piece of crap I've ever had (well, answering-machine wise, that is). Intrusive quality = bloody light on it NEVER turns off! My last ansering machine had a light that only lit if you had messages, and in that instance it would blink in groups where the number of blinks per grouping was the number of messages. Very convienant. This new one, the light is solid if there are no messages and blinky otherwise. That's it. There is no "off" status for the light. From what I hear, all modern answering machines are like that. So, it's looking like I'm now going to have an annoying light in my room that will always be on! My quality of living has just been lowered by this piece of technology. Why can't they program it to be off instead?!?! One would think that would be less wasteful.

damn fscking technology. grrrr..
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