February 6th, 2003

sp in river

mmmmm.. kawphy...

I made kawphy this morning. (note to Ox#10: sorry if I accidentally left the stove on, I think I turned it off, but for some reason I'm not sure right now.)

It's not too bad. The chocolate is subtle enough, I could have used a little more aged honey, and perhaps a spoonful or two less sugar, but I got the level of grinds right finally. I really need to stop off in the spice aisle this weekend and get the proper spices, as I don't have any and the lack of them is seriously showing. All this on top of the fact that I'm forced to use incorrect grinds makes me surprised that I even got something drinkable at all out of it.

These complaints are not terribly unusual, though, as every time I do this it comes out differently. I approach kawphy making as an art form (ya kinda have to). It's not just a simple matter of spooning a cup of grinds into some filter and letting heated water fall through it. Oh no, that is not what life is about my brothers. True kawphy making involves proper preparation of the ingredients. One must have them ready for the precise moment when you add them to the mixture. You need to be focused on the task at hand, lest you miss the boil-over and wind up with a burner-bottom covered with burnt grinds and a pot of useless sludge (been there, done that).

Making a reasonable batch of kawphy will easily take 20 min (and that's hurried) out of your day. Finding the right ingredients can consume months of searching (and years of kicking yer own ass for later forgetting where you found them.. ARGH!). Discovering the subtle interaction of the ingredients, the slight variations on the methods of cooking them, is a process that can take a lifetime.

Hence why I call it kawphy and not coffee. This is not yer standard swill the masses slurp down without thought every day. This stands on it's own (indeed, a fork can stand in some of the thicker batches I've made -- well, almost) apart from the rest.

When people see my kawphy for the first time, they are given pause to wonder. They remark on the darkness (blackest liquid you will ever see; light does *NOT* penetrate it). They comment on the texture of the surface (yes, it has a texture you can see). Then it happens, they pick up the cup, and they sniff it. And you see a noticeable change on their face. Their eyebrows raise up, a smile crosses their face, they open their eyes and you can see relaxation starting to fill their mind. They look at me, and back at the cup, and are more willing to taste this creation they hold in their hands. When they do taste it, it is as if they are using their tongue for the first time. I can't help but smile and feel some amount of pride in my art when they finish their sip and just stand there, unable to say anything other than "wow".

And these were the reactions I got this morning from the workers at the local Java City. This morning's batch isn't the best I've done, as I mentioned earlier, but it is still worlds beyond anything common espresso can hope to achieve.

I made kawphy this morning. And it is good. :)

I'm afraid of americans

So, I load up IE to go check my website's control panel (it's being sluggish on Phoenix and I'm wondering if IE would handle it any better), and my default home page with IE is the msn.com main page because I'm too lazy to bother changing it. They are running a little web-poll of the state of the union, and I'm figureing "hell, I'm bored and easilly distracted, sure I'll take it!".

Oh my goodness, I have *GOT* to get out of this country. I'm afraid, very very afraid of the people around me. If this poll is at all accurate, I'm surrounded by nothing but hateful war-mongering simpletons. They said that the test was taken by NBC as well as this online version, and the numbers roughly agree.

In short, about 60% of all US citizens want to go to war with Iraq regardless of UN backing. They belive that Iraq poses a real threat and we need to get our allies behind us and go bomb that country off the globe as soon as possible.

This is why Democracy scares me. It's not majority rule -- it's mob rule. The masses are idiots. They are easilly swayed by those in power and in control of the media. They are ever willing to belive whatever soundbites are spoon fed to their meager minds.

They scare me. Deeply.