February 5th, 2003


so, then..

To file my taxes, I need some stupid Customer Service Number thingy that should have been mailed to me, but I never got it. I try to get it online, but I need my last year's tax refund (or tax due) number in order to find that out. I'm sure I lost those papers before I even got the refund.. Or the ammount deducted.. I can't even remember if I got any money back at all last year!

Gah.. so here I am, sitting on hold on the phone to FTB to try and find out if there's any *other* way to get this number out of them.

Why do they make it a legal requirement that you file this silly thing, and then make it so damned difficult to do so?!? I'm actually *trying* to follow the rules here and it's like they don't want me to.

ahh yes..

this new company is *MUCH* nicer than the last one. Cheaper to, go fig.

So, I've finally begun that redesign I kept meaning to do for about, oh, a few months now.. <grin type="sheepish"> I've updated the DNS, so it should propagate sometime relatively soon. I think I've got all the files and usernames transferred, so there should be no noticeable difference, except that the graphical version works on the new site. Even if it is out of sync with the non-graphical.. something I'll have to fix at some point.. if I ever care enough..

So, yeah, I'm actually putting in some time on the dusty ol' site. we'll see if I can manage to finish this re-do before I loose interest.