January 22nd, 2003


domain issues

So, I've emailed two hosting places asking for info, they seem fairly reasonable.

Anyone heard anything (good or bad) about either Surpass Hosting or Hummingbird Hosting?

They both responded well within 24 hours. That alone is nicer than the place I'm currently at.


my teeth hurt.
My domain isn't responding (server must be down)
I need to find a new host for da gazebo (this task hurried by the current "down" state)
my teeth hurt
I need to finish two large projects before school starts
school starts next monday
my teeth hurt
I'm not sleeping well (because my teeth hurt too much)
my co-worker called in sick today.
my teeth hurt.

I honestly, wholeheartedly, hope that everyone out there is having a better day than I am.
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sp in river

new desktop

haven't updated the index page yet, but here are some links.
As usual, comments welcome and criticism is eagerly asked for.

800x600x38kb jpg / 1734x1387x164kb jpg
the links open in a new window.

update: okay, da gazebo seems to be having server issues right now. If you can see the thumbnail, it's up and the other links should work. if not, it's down again. Sorry for all this. I dunno what's going on over there.


so, by banning the death penalty I no longer am the world benchmark for political freedoms?

er, okay, I guess..

edit: holy crap! I'm no longer a left-wing utopia, either!!!! DAMN!