January 13th, 2003

sp in river


Friday after work I dropped by the photo place and picked up 14 prints I had asked them to do for me. One I knew wasn't going to be nice, but someone wanted to have it, so I said I'd get it for her.

Of the other 13, I'm pleased with most of them. But then, I knew I would be (the joys of digital). I'm not finished with them yet, which is why y'all haven't been shown them (I don't usually show my works-in-progress). But I was curious how they'd look in print, and I am considering attempting to get one of them printed at 18x24. It's got a lot of soft curves mixed with sharp corners, though, so it's going to be needing some serious tweaking before I try that (3MP won't print that large without lots of help). I'll let you know how badly it turns out (if I do it at all).

Also got the colour negative developed along with these prints. Of the 16 pictures, I think about 2 or 3 of them have potential. One looks like it could be good enough for a 30x40 print. I'll have to do it at 8x10 first and see if it's worth spending the money for the larger size.