January 7th, 2003



This morning I heated up some Potatoes.

Potatoes are quite likely the best damn winter food I know of. They are cheaper than pretty much anything else, from a price/bulk perspective. Preparation is a breeze, owing to the fact that all you need to do is wash them, poke them with a fork, wrap them in foil, and toss them in an oven set for 350. You let them bake while you get ready for the day, and turn off the oven and take them out right as you head for the door. For the next two hours you've got excellent hand/pocket warmers while you wait for them to cool down. Right as you start getting ready for a mid-morning snack, they are cool enough that you can have tasty warm potatoe. After lunch, when you want a mid-afternoon snack, the second one is right there and you can have tasty cool potatoe.

I'm tellin' ya, ya can't go wrong with potatoes in the winter time.