December 27th, 2002



merp. My day has gone wonderfully casually so far.
Hell, my week has been terriffic thus far. Sure, there were some low points (like when my dad presented me with 5 wrapped boxes on Tuesday, that sucked ass almost as much as opening them) but all in all it has been nice.

A bastard like me can get used to waking up no earlier than 9 every morning. :) Going back to "normal" work hours will be rough when this is over.

So, because everyone else is listing their swag, I guess I'll do the same.
2 sweaters I'll never wear (I don't wear sweaters).
1 jacket I'll never wear (I have two already that I love dearly, I have no need for a third)
1 book that doesn't apply to me ("digital photography" -- it assumes you are taking snapshots with a point-and-shoot camera, not making photographs with an SLR. Yes, I'm a snob, but it is a different style with different needs.)
1 CD carrying case I'll never use (I don't own a portable CD player, and when I do transport my CDs, I keep them in jewel cases which is safer for them and keeps them in better condition. Again, yes, I'm a snob.)

So, the clothing has already been given away to a happy person, anyone else want the book or CD case? There's no way I'm going to keep them myself any longer than it takes to find someone to give them to.