December 17th, 2002


how many times before it's tradition?

I'm thinking a weekly "game night" would be sw33t.

Last night Ox#10, his brother, and I played a challenging game of Robo Rally! They went off beforehand for food, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to make a nice, deadly board layout. When they got back, Ox had some suggestions that made it even more frightening, and so we went with that and decided to have it be a 3-flag game.

Turns out we perhaps made it a little *too* hard. Ox#10 died three times attempting to get to the first flag, his brother died twice on that route, with his thrid death occuring on his way to to the second flag. I somehow managed to get to the second flag and was heading for three without any deaths when Ox's brother had his thrid death, thus spareing me the hassle of having to attempt the insane route to the goal. All in all, it was roughly 2.5 hours of fun.

I <3 RoboRally.

Who knows what game next week shall hold, here's hoping we can keep this event continuing.


Comming up on the 16th of Jan, I will actually pay someone to inflict horrendous ammounts of pain on me that will last for many, many days to follow. I plan on being both psychologically and physically scarred for the rest of my life after this event. Yes, the day has come for me to get my wisdom teeth pulled. They were content to sit nice and calm for most of my life, but it seems that they have recently come of the opinion that they would like to make their presence known.

The thing is, though, I need to know if there is anyone who'd be willing to take a few hours off from work that morning to help me get through this ordeal.