December 2nd, 2002



They say that spam is killing email.

This is true.

I just got done adding 2 more major providers to my "killfile".

yahoo, hotmail, lycos, netscape, excite, and now msn and pacbell as well.

fun. much more of this and I'll just switch schemas to doing a whitelist for email instead of a blacklist.

I guess the only reason I'm really bothered by all this is because it didn't used to be this way. Email used to be a free exchange of ideas. It used to be that if you met someone, and they had an email address, you could just email them and know that your message got there. You didn't have to worry about it getting lost in the mass of spammail that they are also certainly getting. You didn't have to wonder if they remembered to add you to their whitelist by now or if your message got accidentally caught by their spamfilter and it's been deleted without their knowledge.

my thanksgiving holiday

I lost my glasses (still haven't found them).
I worked (quite a bit, actually).
I slept (but not enough).
I played Metroid Prime for 4.5 hours (17% done now).
I took some pictures with the new (well, new to me) Medium Format camera I have.
I did not celebrate a single thing.

Yay me!

great googly moogly!

So, we all remember the XXXenophile card game that they stopped printing about, oh, 5 years ago?

well, there may still be some dusty boxes in warehouses yet to be purchased.

I just received confirmation from UPS that my shipment will be picked up from the sender soon and will shortly thereafter be sitting on my front doorstep. When I get it I'll be able to confirm or deny the rumours that real honest live XXXenophile cards can still be found in the wild. I don't know if this package is a hand-selected set of specific cards, or reprints, or still-sealed boosters, or starter decks, or whatever else they may have thought of when they packaged this box. But soon, we will all find out.

My hands tremble with anticipation (either that, or the caffiene I just had, I can't tell).

(no subject)

my appologies to anyone who had the distinct misfortune of having to see all those multi-posts.

I was even using the web interface, yes I only clicked once, and for some reason it still happened. fscking LJ, I'm going to email the authors and see if they can impliment a timechecker that won't allow more than one post per minute or something like that.

Again, I'm sorry to those of you that had to see all that (and, perhaps, all of this if there are multiples of this one done as well). LJ just seems to hate me for some reason.