November 21st, 2002

sp in river

so, when's the intervention?

This is sad, I just dropped off some film to be developed yesterday. No prints, just develop the film, and it's still going to cost $4. Plus, when I pick it up today, I'm going to buy another roll for this camera.

Yes yes, I do have a digital and I do use it as my primary camera, nothing there has changed. But my mom recently stumbled across a camera in her journeys, and when she saw how excited I was to see it she told me that I could have it. The reason I was so excited is that it's a medium-format camera. So, now I get to start practicing with medium format and all the joys that can be had with a negative of that size. And all the money that can be spent. gah.

So, this means that I now officially have three cameras: one 35mm film that I don't use anymore, one "35mm" digital that I use almost daily, and one medium-format (6x6, but it has a mask that can switch it to 6x5) that I'm going to start experimenting with on the side. Plus, I'm still drooling over the new "35mm" digital Canon is comming out with (the 1-Ds) and one of them might eventually find it's way into my hands (big might, I'll more likely get the next one after that, by that time). And, of course, there are all the extra lenses I have my eyes on, and the printer I still need to pick up.. werg. Why can't I just be addicted to something cheap, like crack or speed?

feh. anyone want a picture of a flower? It's kinda nice.
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