November 11th, 2002


my morning

I was going to post about how nice my morning was going, and how interesting a dream I had last night..

But I wouldn't want to upset anyone with another non-commentable post, so I'll not.

Instead I'll sit here and fill the post with mindless drivel that says nothing, but look, you can comment! That makes it all better, now doesn't it? :)
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addendum: This post was tongue-in-cheek. I don't care that much about the offending post, I just felt an illustration of how silly it is was in order. Obviously I went about it the wrong way, my appologies to you all.


Oh poor me, my life is shit, I'm so unloved, my friends aren't there for me.
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sp in river

rubber is a resilient substance

I've a balloon holding some sand here (you know, those "stress-relief" thangs) that I've been playing with for the past few weeks..

I just *know* one of these days I'll find myself with a handfull of sand spilled all over my desk, keyboard, clothes, and floor.

I'm simply suprized it hasn't happened yet.