July 29th, 2002


Yes, I'm a lemming.

I actually went and paid for a year of this. gah.. Don't ask why, I'm not sure myself, but I did.

oh, and I changed my password also. My old one was "too easy to guess" according to Livejournal. Go fig, 10 characters, half of them 1337, and it was still "too easy to guess".



so, in about 2 hours I'll have downloaded all of Zim. Or, at least, the first 32 or so episodes, as that is all I could find.

I'll see if I can make a VCD (or two or three, or however many it takes) out of them and then we could do a ZIM marathon some day if one of us has a DVD player that can do VCDs.

And that makes me a SAD panda.

grrr. I don't know if the files were encoded wrong, or if I got the wrong codec, or if the phase of the moon is just a tad off, but for some reason I'm getting picture with no sound.
So at this point I've got about 1.8GB of SilentZim. We will be seeing if there is something that can be done to change this.


9 more pics online

Yeah, so I finally got off my lazy arse and found a few more shots for the so-so list. After stamping the tag on them and doing the usuall run of resizing and then editing the index page to refrence them (and then going back through and fixing all the bloody typoes!), I've got almost two more rows of shots for everyone.

check it if you liked the last batch. or not, your choice.