July 18th, 2002


I feel soo much better now.

So, I took a few hours yesterday and went picture hunting along the river on the way home. I just slowly rode my bike up and down all the dirt paths I could find, stopping often to take a shot or two of whatever looked interesting.

I'm downloading them now and will be filtering out the crap as quickly as I can manage. I've decided I'll be making a new section on my site for pictures that I just haven't gotten around to working with yet. This is because I currently only have spots for my desktops, and those that I am fairly certain I won't make into desktops, but nothing for those that are nice and decent shots, but I just haven't had time to seriously work with them yet. I'll let y'all know when I've got these online.

I feel soo much better, though, after yesterday. I needed that time to just wander around.

fun with photoshop

okay, so I took a few pictures of the view south from the top of the bridge in Goethe park. Very scenic point, and I figured it would make a nice panoramic picture. The dang automatic-merge program I have did a crap job of it, so I get to try and blend them all together by hand.

This may take a while -- It's about 20 shots.

Granted, if I get it to work, I'll have a 180 degree view of the river flowing south of that bridge. And it will be a wonderful 1000x11000 pixels in size. So I've got some incentive to stick with this till I get it done.

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My teeth HURT!

I had an appointment with the dentist for cleaning today, and now that they are nice and clean they hurt muchly! My protective layer of tartar coating over all my teeth is now gone and what is left of my frail thin enamel is exposed to the harsh elements.