July 1st, 2002


where to start?

Well, Sunday's bike ride was nice. We went 17 miles (roughtly). The highlights consisting of getting our feet wet in the American River, _DAMN_ cold water on a blistering hot day (today is forecasted to be a high of 99(F), and I don't think yesterday was much cooler), me taking a minor spill at the bottom of a steep slope (isn't it odd how scrapes look worse when they are healing than when they are first made?), and us all getting some alcohol at TGIFriday's on the way back. The ride was nice and early so we actually managed to miss some (but not enough) of the heat of the day, the company was cheerful and enjoyable, we saw a good number of really cute lady bikers, and just generally had a nice time of it.

I then went to a birthday party halfway through which I wound up being bartender because the host makes weak drinks and I'm a little more willing to experiment (with nice results that time).

Went to sleep early, and woke up quite often through the night because I was trying to find a balance between a comfortable position to sleep in and a position that didn't rub my wounds against my bedsheet/blanket (thus causing massive pain).

I wake up today and discover I'm a bit late and after getting ready I didn't have time to ride to work today (likely a good thing, as I really don't feel in the mood for it) but I did bring the bike to work on Public Transportation with me, so I can force myself to (grudgingly) ride home. This because at that party I went to I weighed myself on the host's bathroom scale and discovered that I have lost *0* pounds since I started being more active. grrr. So today I'll ride home from work, and hopefully the knowledge that I'm not loosing weight yet will be enough to get me riding every day, instead of 2 or 3 days out of the week.

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proof copyright bullcrap has gone too far. This is a short article reporting on how a musician is being sued over silence. It's a quick read and good for a laugh, if nothing else.