Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I'm sorry

okay, so I don't post much personal stuff here. That's just a part of who I am. Those of you who have known me in "real life" for any ammount of time know that I simply don't talk much about me. Why would you expect this journal-thang to be any different?

As for my locked journal entries and the theory that they contain more personal information, here they are (there aren't many of them):
10.May.2002 : I posted a locked entry to corordinate movie plans.
3.Jun.2002, 6.Jun.2002, 14.Jun.2002 : I posted locked entries to corordinate plans to watch TV.
11.Jul.2002 : I posted a locked entry to bitch about my boss.
12.Jul.2002, 18.Jul.2002 : again, corordinating watching TV
30.Oct.2002: I posted a joke filtered post for someone else.
31.Oct.2002: I posted something personal. WOW!!! FIRST time in a locked post!!
5.Nov.2002: I complained. not particularly personal, but not pure fluff.
6.Nov.2002: I bitched about waking up early.
11.Nov.2002: again, a joke post.

that's it! hrrm... only 1 truly personal post in the bunch of them. One out of twelve locked posts in the last 752 entries I've made. And some people associate my lack of personal posts with my non-locking my posts? pfha.

I wasn't bragging in my recent related post, I never meant it to sound that way, it was just a passing thought. I'm sorry I posted something that was going through my mind instead of a pointless quiz.

. . . and some people still have to wonder why I don't post more stuff I'm thinking about.

edit: I've gone through and deleted almost all of them, except two which I made public. Oddly enough, the two I made public were not just fluff entries. I deleted all the joke/scheduling entries.

My journal is now 100% public.

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