Lograh (lograh) wrote,


I cheated today and picked up a personal-sized box of Chips Ahoy cookies.

ugh.. I am SOOOOOO sick now.. guh.. and I didn't even eat all of them! damn, my tolerance for junk food seems to be slipping..

Either that, or it's the "bad burrito" I had for lunch right before the cookies.. but hey, it was cheap (and worth every penny, I assure you). :)

oh well, off to algebra.. I love that class.. Algebra just "comes to me" so much more easilly than Complex. In fact, it's my second best subject.. First being Topology -- Algebraic Topology to be precise. :)

But yeah, off to Algebra with me.. and then to be all domestic and do the washing with ktbee after school. I should likely also try to fit homework in there somewhere, as I have some due Thursday in Complex. feh..

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