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Star Wars trivial pursuit - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 19.Mar.2002

17:09 - Star Wars trivial pursuit

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One of Katie's friends is likely going to be in town next week over spring break, and as she is a huge Star Wars trivia buff, Katie is thinking of holding a Star Wars Trivial Pursuit competition.

Mahdi, your presence is requested.

I am willing to host the thing at my place, or if someone else wants to host it that will work also.

Anyone else who wants to participate is welcome to come and make fun of the geeks with me (or actually play along), as I will most certainly not be playing along (think: peanut gallery). So, we are looking at Thursday night at a moderate time (6ish, perhaps) or late Friday night (10ish?). Any other suggestions are also welcome.


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Date:21:56 19.Mar.2002 (UTC)
If you don't mind, I'm down. I dunno much about the books and stuff, but I'm a Star Wars fan.

How could I *not* be? I mean, ffs, I lost my virginity to A New Hope.

And I'm playing in a Star Wars RPG right now. I'm a Wookiee Jedi.

I rule.
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Date:8:43 20.Mar.2002 (UTC)
I'll let Katie know and get back to you all.
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Date:1:39 21.Mar.2002 (UTC)

May the Geeks be with you

Star Wars Trivial persuit is too easy for Star Wars Geeks, and just about anyone who saw Empire Strikes back or Star Wars (episode iv) in a movie theater before the aniversery release.
but the little R2d2 random number generator is kinda cool. Myself and my friend Dan played and it only took us like four or six turns before he finally beat me... just barely. Also the game doesn't include information from episode 1.
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