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binarygazebo - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 19.Mar.2002

11:42 - binarygazebo

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has some low-bandwidth pictures of the bok-kai trip up now. they were shrunk even more and pulled down to 32 colours in some cases, but they are an average of about 65k per, rather than the 281k average of before.


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Date:8:41 20.Mar.2002 (UTC)
wow, you like it that much? *blush* I'm honored, and flattered. :)

That one actually is the one I think I did the worst on. I keep meaning to go back and take out some of the distortions around the edges (the wavyness) and clean it up a touch.

Thank you for the complement, though. It feels great to know someone other than me actually likes the stuff I'm doing.
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