Lograh (lograh) wrote,

ooohhh shechsay....

so, yeah, clothing. sometimes it can be simple rags to cover yourself and protect you from the elements. Sometimes it can be so much more, though, for the person viewing you.

Some things I find extremely sexy and *love* to see:

-) short(ish) pleated skirts. particularly if they are a slightly heavy material and end just-above-the-knees. Yaknow, something like a firm cotton or a light wool kinda material. Not some flowy light stuff, but a more substanstial garment. I think I like these to be a flat gray in colour, plaid is nice, but plain gray gives so many more options for the top.
-) baggy sweats. Yes, I'm weird. One of the outfits I like the most (quite possibly *the* outfit I like the most) is big baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts. I'm not entirely sure why, but seeing a cutie bundled up like that just "does it" for me like nothing else. :)
-) Ivory silk blouses. partiularly if they are oversized and billow-y. (happilly, I managed to talk ktbee into wearing my ivory silk shirt one day, and I snagged a piccie of her dressed up like that. It's one of my fav. pics of her -- yum.. still trying to get her permission to show the pic to others, but you know how women are about their picture. hehe.. ) Other colours are okay, but I preferr the ivory.
-) hats. Damn near any hat will do it, even a cap -- if worn properly. Seeing a grrl confident in the way she's wearing a hat will definately make me pause.
-) Ties. If she's weaing a real tie (not bow-tie, or a clip-on) the proper way (not overly loose) it's a huge plus. I'm partial to the thinner ties for this, the wide old-man ties kinda kill the effect. Sorry, but I don't want to be thinking of my grandfather when I'm looking at an attractive lady. :)
-) And I realize it makes me a huge pervert, but I do like the complete 'schoolgirl' outfit. White button-up shirt, dark-blue tie, pleated heavy shortish skirt. Right there you've got 3 of the above. Toss on the cute little beret that can go along and you're up to 4! So, yeah, on the rare occasion I see someone dressed that way I have no recourse but to stop and appreciate it.

Granted, all of this is assuming that the person wearing the clothes is at least *somewhat* attractive to start with. I've seen some people trying this when they aren't at all attractive in the first place and it almost made me cry in pain. Physicial cringing certainly occured.

how about y'all? What are some clothes that "do it" for you?

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