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VOTE - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 03.Oct.2003

9:31 - VOTE

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for all y'all CalIforNEEans, this is your friendly get-out-and-vote reminder.

Here are some interesting links to help:
analysis of prop 53
analysis of prop 54
summary of both
text of prop 53
text of prop 54
general info about this ballot

update: the link for the prop54 text was a timed session, I'll try to find a better one for y'all.
further update: replaced my original links for the texts of 53 and 54 with more easier read (and functioning) links -- thanks ktbee!


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Date:12:05 03.Oct.2003 (UTC)
Text of Proposition 54
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Date:12:08 03.Oct.2003 (UTC)
Easier to read and more official text of Proposition 53 here.
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Date:12:13 03.Oct.2003 (UTC)
thanks.. I tried looking on the ss site, but couldn't find those links.. it just directed me to those other sites..
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