Lograh (lograh) wrote,

so *that*'s how they did it.

sometimes, working with some of the faculty here, I wonder how they ever managed to get their PhD in the first place (I'm presuming they get around the shoe-tieing question by wearing sandals or shoes that otherwise don't tie (ever notice how a large ammount of women's shoes don't tie? not making any sexual referances here, just an observation that randomly smashed into my head just now (damn, this little text box now has four lines of text, only one of which is not a parenthetical remark (shit, make that five lines now)))).

Well, now I've figured it out. Hours of online research (or, rather a few minutes wading through the "junkmail" catch in my mail client, but who's counting) have turned up the answer!

From: ...@excite.com


Obtain Your University Diploma Hassle-Free!



*NO required tests.
*NO classes.
*NO books.
*NO interviews.

Don't Delay Any Longer.
It doesn't Get Any Easier!


w - xxx - yyy - zzzz

Call and Pick a Diploma.

* Bachelors diplomas
* Masters diplomas
* MBA diplomas
* Doctorate (PhD) diplomas

No one is turned down,
Confidentiality assured.

Pick up your phone now,
and your Diploma will be at your Doorstep
within 48 hours!!

w - xxx - yyy - zzzz

Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
including Sundays and holidays.

Well, shit, I think I might just get me one o'dem dere deeplomahs.

As a side-note, does anyone get any legitimate email from an "excite.com" address anymore? I've had the entire domain blacklisted in my mail clients for some time now and I haven't found it turning up a false-positive yet.

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