Lograh (lograh) wrote,

helpline fun

first call of the day:
caller: Hi, I'm having a problem with Excell. See, I had this file, and the font was readable, but then I changed it to 5 point font so the words would line up with the grid better, but now I can't read the font when it prints out. What do I do?
me: Try changing the font to something like 7 points and then print it out.
caller: okay, well, it's readable now again, but the words aren't lining up with the grid anymore. Do you think I have to change the grid size?
me: Yeah, that will probably make it line up again, now that you have a more readable font size.
caller: oh, okay, I'll go try that and call you back if it's still not working.

I shit you not, this was an actual call. I've paraphrased (slightly, not actually all that much) because it took a total of about 10 minutes for this exchange to work out -- she really was *that* dense.

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