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So, last night I watched the debate coverage on TV. I must admit, it was quite amusing and very entertaining. I couldn't help but laugh at them as they went back and forth trading snarky comments and witty retorts across the table. It was definately one of the most entertaining things I've seen on TV in a long time.

All that aside, though, there were some actual policy plans discussed. Not many, but a bit. The more I read about the various candidate positions the more I must reluctantly admit that I might actually vote republican this time around. Funny though I think it'd be to have a professional comedian, a porn star, or smut publisher as a governor, I can't in good concience vote for someone based simply on what job they had before they ran for office. No, I haven't entirely decided yet who I'll vote for and I likely won't decide untill I'm standing at the ballot booth, but I do find myself leaning towards the Republican party candidates.
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