Lograh (lograh) wrote,

it disturbs me to know that people like this exist. What bothers me more is that they are the majority.
Junior Charnae Mosley, peace keeper of Freedom's Black Student Union, said the idea of a Caucasian Club seemed unfocused. Caucasian is broad, it's not one specific thing," the 16-year-old said. There's no need for a Caucasian Club because they're not a minority."

One person who won't be signing up is Darnell Turner, first vice president of the local chapter of the NAACP. Turner says he thinks the club will create racial tension.

These statements are reported to be in response to a girl trying to start a "Caucasian Club" at her high school, where there allready exist clubs such as "Black Student Union" and "Latinos Unidos".

article summary here.

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