Lograh (lograh) wrote,

ah the joys of cached dns quereys!

The DHCP and DNS servers went down this morning at about 7:12.

I'm fine, because my computer never turns off (hence I've had my IP since before DHCP went down) and I was checking LJ at 7:05, so my tcp/ip stack has cached the ip address for it.

But for any other poor souls who don't start quite as early as me, they can't use the network for ANYTHING!

And all I can use it for is LJ surfing.. darn. :) hehehe

update: Network guys are saying it'll be *at least* an hour before it's back up.
shit, I could have a brand new machine ghosted and running as a replacement within *that* timeframe! what kind of an operation are they running up there!??!
further update: They say it went down at 5 this morning. joy.
running update: 9:20 (ish) and it's still down! yippie!
final:started working again at 9:45.

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