Lograh (lograh) wrote,

well, *that* sucked.

Had the first real test yesterday in Complex...

it sucked.

More appropriately, one could say that it partook of a common figurative term involving myself, my posterior, and the carefull presentation of the latter to the former through the use of espicially high-end dinner ware.

Or, more simply put, out of the 7 questions on the test, I only WROTE SOMETHING DOWN for 3.5 of them. That means, assuming every single scratching of graphite I made was 100% correct (that itself being a pipe dream), I should get a %50 on the test. More likely, I'm looking at possibly walking away from it with a grand total of about %30.

The one saving grace being that I spoke with a few people after it was done and they informed me that they only managed to get something down for a max of 4 questions (with most people I asked being around 2 or 3). This combined with the professor's knowledge that she writes unfairly long/difficult tests (on purpose, she admitted to us before she handed it out), and her compensation for this by grading on a curve, means that I may actually wind up with something considered a passing score -- that being the top %20 of the class (roughly).

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